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In the past 12 months I have technically gotten five jobs in tech:

  1. My first job out of bootcamp which I resigned from almost immediately because I was told some gravely concerning things about the mangement.
  2. My second, and longest-held (in tech) job. It was in horse tech (lol) and ended in redundancy for myself and a third of the staff.
  3. A job I got in Berlin that I didn't sign the contract for because I had to return to London due to COVID.
  4. A job at an international newspaper that I technically got but they couldn't make me an offer due to COVID.
  5. My current gig at an agency here in London.

I have had roughly 120 inital screenings from recruiters, completed 20 technical tests and had approximately ten final-stage interviews which resulted in five offers, cumulatively. Some of these interviews were an absolute disaster. I nearly had a panic attack during a remote pairing interview with a leading ecommerce platform and forgot how to write a for loop, I went blank and forgot every JavaScript array method I knew during an in-person interview in which two people were watching me code (my kryptonite, it turns out), and I once had an hour-long junior-level front-end interview with a dude who banned me from Googling anything (I later learned that this is a magnificent red flag). Performance anxiety issues are very common, but that fact doesn't help in the moment when you know you're crashing, burning and misrepresenting your skills.

Unfortunately I can't help you with performance anxiety (people have told me that beta blockers help if taken just before the interview), but I can talk a little about the things that helped me to get the job(s), and some patterns I noticed when it comes to assessing whether a company has the potential to be toxic or not, from my own experience.

These tips are geared towards people at the beginning of their career working in a JavaScript-dominated world (it me).

Things I'm glad I did #

Things I wish I did differently #

Things I used to study #

I hope you found some of this helpful! Feel free to get in touch @torahwilcox on Twitter if you have further questions and I'll do what I can.

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